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Most Common Questions on How Limo Transportation for Wedding in Dallas TX Are Being Charged

Q&A when Looking for Limo Service

Limo services are mostly used for special events such as night social engagements, prom, and more. You might have been using limo services for a while now, but it can be a bit different if it is a service provided for a big event such as weddings.

Surely, you will have questions in mind regarding limo transportation for wedding in Dallas TX. Hopefully, your doubts on how you will be charged will be answered by the most common questions below.

What is the usual rate of  cheap limo in Dallas, TX? The cost of a wedding limo service depends on the number of hours that you will need it and the type of town car service that you booked for. Since 3 hours is the standard minimum number of hours for wedding events, a limo that can accommodate 10 passengers will likely cost no more than $500. If what you need is a stretch limo, $500 up to $1000 is what you have to pay for the  package. Sometimes catering services provider give this as a free of charge depending on your agreement. The rates mentioned include the driver gratuity.

Why is 3 hours the standard minimum number of hours that I have to pay for? Even if you will only need 2 hours of the limo service, this 3 hours minimum is implemented to avoid split-orders. The time that you are not inside the vehicle is counted in the number of hours you hired it. Click this over here now and get all the information you were looking for.

What are surcharges for? Surcharges, which is commonly 10% administrative surcharge, is added to pay off the price increase in the insurance of the vehicle and of the chauffeur assigned to you. Don’t be surprised if there are companies that adds fuel surcharge which can amount up to 5%.

Is there a need to give a tip? It depends if you are charged with a driver gratuity already. If you think your chauffeur deserves it, then it won’t hurt to give a tip not less than 10%.

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