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What to Consider When Getting Diamond Cut Wedding Ring Design in San Diego CA

Tips in Choosing Wedding Ring Design

Are you still deciding which diamond cut wedding ring design in San Diego you should choose? If you haven’t made up your mind up yet then it’s a good thing because you need to carefully assess every aspect of it. Your diamond ring is the symbol of everlasting love may it be for proposal or wedding anniversary. The first thing that you must consider is its cut.

Diamond’s cut is ranging from poor to excellent. Excellent cut is of course the best of them all which reflects light as much as possible. Excellent cut diamonds are a bit expensive but worth it especially if you are rooting for quality. The poor ones on the other hand are a bit lower in terms of price range since the light is being lost on the bottom and sides of the diamond.

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If you are going to buy a tested and proven diamond cut, go for the ones that are popular when it comes to quality. Jewelers will always recommend the round ones. In fact, 3/4 of diamond cut sales are from this diamond cut group. The nearest relative of this round cut diamonds are the princess shapes. Most people purchase this diamond because it looks bigger and it reflects the light better than the others. But you will also have other options as well like custom cut or “fancy cut.”

Before you buy a diamond cut, you should bear in mind that there are other shapes and cuts that you might as well consider, not just the round ones. Some samples of these diamond cuts and shapes are Jupiter cut, Half Dutch Rose cut, the Queen and the baroness cut, bead cut, tulip, boat shaped rose, bullet, Genesistar and many others.

Picking diamond cut wedding ring design in San Diego could be tricky if you do not have any knowledge about diamonds. Make sure you do your research first before hitting the jewelry shops, just like when you look for your venue, catering, dress and invitation for your big day. Visit to find reliable vendors.

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