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Customize Your Dance Floor According to the Theme of Your Wedding

How to Customize the Dance Floor

There is no doubt that your dance floor is the place where you can do a custom work and showcase your creativity and artistry. You can choose to be as simple as you like or you can also go all out. There are many materials that you can choose in order to create the perfect dance floor.  The following are some dance floor decorating ideas that you can use for your wedding:

danceProject roses and other flowers on the dance floor – This is a simple, affordable yet very elegant way to design your dance floor without exerting a lot of effort. All that you need is a pattern of the image that you want to be projected and a projector. This is ideal for a garden wedding celebration.

Wordy decal dance floor – You can choose to write the names of the guest on the floor using a stunning decal. If you both love to travel, you can list down the countries that you both have visited and write the on the dance floor. Also, if you love books, you can write the names of your favorite books on the floor or your favorite authors. There are endless possibilities that you can do!

Twinkling LED dance floor – Why not bring the stars down from the sky into your floor? Using this technique, you can enjoy dancing on tiny lights while listening to your favorite song. It’s like dancing with the stars on your feet. This is perfect for a starlit night or if you have a ballroom wedding. You can turn off the lights and let the LED illuminate the dance floor.

Over the top pool dance floor – This is perfect if your wedding venue has a pool on it. The grander the pool, the more elegant the installed dance floor will be. This is perfect for couples who loves going to the beach and swimming.

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