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Dangers of Shopping for the Price of Wedding Limo Transportation in NYC, NY

How to Avoid Blunders of Bridal Limo Service

Most couples always commit wedding transport blunder because they are shopping for the price, not for the quality. When shopping for the wedding limo transportation in NYC, NY, always bear in mind that what you pay for is what you get. If the price you are looking at is at its cheapest then the tendency is you get more disappointed.

This kind of service is something that you should not be thrifty because it will only eat up around 5% to 10% of your bridal budget. This percentage could already be considered as a decent budget for convenient and luxurious ride for about 3 hours or more.

wedding limoIn real life, one can find so many cheap services out there but those services are really not what you think about them. To avoid stressful experience, make sure that you always check the respectable companies that are offering service. Here are the standard rates of the good providers out there:

Lincoln Sedan: If you are looking for sleek and fast car, this sedan is perfect for your needs. The good quality rental which is affordable is ranging from $165 to $225.

Lincoln Limo: If you will bring along 10 passengers with you, this limo vehicle is perfect for your needs. The price range is from $225 to $375.

Hummer Limo: If your needs is more than 10, say 20, you can always get this type of vehicle. Bigger companies have this car on their fleet which will cost you around $475 to $799.

Escalade Limo: If you want a more luxurious ride, the Escalade will be a good choice. Like a Hummer, this special car can accommodate around 20 people. The price range is from $499 to $799. Some limo service also offers food and drinks while travelling.

Limo Bus: If you have too many people on board, they won’t fit in an ordinary limo; you will need a bus. Usually, this cost starts from $799 to $1299. Call your provider of wedding limo transportation in NYC, NY ahead to discuss terms and make a reservation.

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