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Delectable Servings of Mother’s Day Cakes for Wedding in Houston, TX

Cakes for Wedding and Mother’s Day Celebration

If you are looking for a unique flavor for the wedding Mother’s Day cakes in Houston, TX, all you need to do is conduct a research. You can either visit your local bakery that specializes in this type of dessert or you can search for online inspirations. Online references are proving to be very useful. You can get tons of ideas from Pinterest, Facebook, different blogs and so on.

wedding Mother’s Day cakesHere are the best selections for the high unique and customized wedding cakes:

Daffodil cake

Giving your cake an intense flavor will surely surprise your guests in a good way. Daffodil cakes are characterized with freshly squeezed juice from oranges; orange juices are giving the cake its zest. When it is covered with sweet tart cream, you will surely be blown away.

Strawberry cream cake

If you are opting for fresh berries in between the layers of your cake, this is what you should get. This cake is covered with whipped cream and vanilla. Its topper is also made of fresh berries and jam.

Choco-espresso Roulade

If your guests are coffee lovers, the best way to delight them is through this dessert. This rolled cake is not arranged in circles and tiers. On the other hand, you can avail it in rolled design.

Red velvet mini cakes

If you want to have a miniature version of your favorite full blown red velvet cake, all you need to do is avail a smaller version of it. Its topper is made of creole cream cheese, and is made of tangy lemon.

Coconut and lemon cake

Tropic flavors are becoming a trend, especially during summer season. This cake is filled with lemon layers plus capped off with coconut frosting. If you don’t have time to create such lovely dessert you may want to consider ordering it from your wedding caterer.

Cheesecake with peanut butter swirl

Peanut butter is one of the most common flavors that every child loves. If you want to bring back childhood memories, all you need to do is feature it in a cheesecake. Its base is uniquely made of cookie crust.

The selection of your wedding Mother’s Day cakes in Houston, TX do not need to be so expensive. You can go the affordable way yet retaining the high quality standard of the cake.

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