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Factors When Evaluating Discount Loose Diamonds for Wedding in Houston, TX

Evaluating a Loose Bridal Diamond

If your wedding will be a few years or months from now, you can always get a loose diamond ahead of time just like what you’ve did for your venue and catering service. The magic of loose diamond is you can choose it in a very discounted price, and just find an appropriate band later on.

Even when you are dealing with discount loose diamonds for wedding in Houston, TX, you will need to get certified items. AGS and GIA certified stones are always the safest route when you do a transaction.

Aside from the certification, here are some of the factors that you should also decide on:

[1] Color grade

The appearance of a diamond will depend on its color grade. Diamond’s color is represented by letters from D to Z. For colorless options, you can go with D, E and F. These are premium gradings, so the price is also over the roof. For near colorless option, you can go with G, H, I, and J. It is followed by faint color in K, L and M grading. For very light color, you can go with N and R. The last grade is composed of S and Z; this color grading is characterized with too much color.

[2] Clarity grade

The more flawless your loose diamond is the more expensive it becomes. Before buying the item, you need to check it thoroughly. Having an idea regarding the clarity grade will help you decide. The highest grade is called IF-FL or internally flawless or flawless. These diamonds are really rare as they are perfect.

The next grading is VVS1 or very very slightly included. It means that there is an inclusion yet not visible into the naked eye. The third grading is VVS2 which is very very slightly included (second degree); in here, inclusion is barely visible. For VS1 grading, the inclusion is visible when you magnify 10X while VS2 has an easily noticeable inclusion in 10X magnification. Lower gradings are SI1, SI2 and I1. Most of the time, the three lower grades are not preferable.

GIA and AGS certified discount loose diamonds for wedding in Houston, TX, could be monitored by simply visiting the site of diamond registry price list. In here, the price is being updated once stocks arrive.

A loose diamond will be used in your wedding day in the future, so make sure that it is in superb quality. The cost of loose diamonds could change over time, so it is much better to buy ahead when the price is really dirt cheap.


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