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Famous Nail Polish Types Used in Wedding Nail Salons of Austin TX

Wedding Nail Salons Famous Polish

nail salonYears ago, there is only one type of nail polish used. It is commonly known as lacquer. This is the basic component of traditional nail polish that has been used for years. But as technology develops, the formula of nail polish has also improved. Wedding nail salons in Austin TX now use three types of nail polish formulas. There is the top coat, base coat and gel mixed formulas that has been developed to lengthen the grip of nail polish and avoid it from chipping off. The base coat is made up of a clear formula that is first applied before the main color. This is to add the shine to the nails. The second coating is the top coat composed of different colors. The gel is one of the newest among the nail polish. It is an advanced formula now commonly used in wedding nail salons in Austin TX because of its long grip, it cannot be chipped off easily and it is also easy to apply.

Another famous nail polish that has been popularized now is the waterproof nail polish. This type of polish will not be ruined even if you wash your hands after just seconds in application. This product also has an easy dry feature that makes it faster and easier to apply especially when mixed colors are used.

French manicures are also a great style of nail polish. It has been popularized a decade ago internationally. It copies the colors of original natural nails. A lot of people use this to cover up their discolored nails or if they want to make their nails naturally beautiful.

Different nail colors are also developed. There are already nail polish formulas which include glitters and other designs to make better results. These types of nail polish are usually used as the outer coating for the base color. This prevents the main color from chipping off as well as it highlights and improves the physical look of the nails. These new formulas though they may look complicated, are very easy to apply and to mix with other colors compared to traditional nail polish formulas. Additional info here.

After you nail spa session, you can now discuss to your wedding coordinator about your venue, dress and catering services for your big day.

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