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Getting Eco Wedding Dresses from Charlotte, NC Bridal Shops

Wearing Eco Wedding Dresses

Who could blame a bride whose goal is to only look good on her wedding day? In order to present the best you in the wedding day, it simply means that you need to look for the best venue, caterers and most especially gown that will flatter your body. A bride chooses her color—blue, white, peach, cream, etc.—that will showcase her personality. She can go feminine or bold, modest or racy, and many more, for as long as it suits her style, more information here

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One of the best options in today’s bridal fashion trend is the eco wedding dress. When you say eco, it means that it is local and handmade. Sustainable fabric like organic cotton, hemp, peace silk, bamboo and other materials are gaining attention. Moreover, these materials when tailored artistically can become beautiful dresses.

If you have no idea what brands are eco friendly, here are the top suggestions from former brides which you can find at the different bridal shops in Charlotte, NC, check this out

Minna: This label is summed up as eco luxe. Most of the dresses made by Minna are sustainable since they are made of local textiles, organic and recycled. Wearing one of her dresses will make you feel guilt free since it follows the principles of ethical fashion. It is seldom to see products that have minimal impact to the environment these days. If you are one of those concerned individuals, please feel free to check out Minna.

Sanyukta Shrestha: If you want unique and exclusive selection of eco wedding dresses, Shrestha’s collection is perfect for you. Most of the dresses from this clothing like are embroidered, woven and spun using hands. Her styling always includes ecological and ethical aspects, so you don’t have to worry of conflict dresses.

While it is true that not all brides are going to eco bridal shops in Charlotte, NC, it is your role to wear a dress with a cause.

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