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Bridal Beach Decors for Wedding Venues in San Diego, CA

Perfect Wedding Sea Decorations

Beach-themed weddings are popular during summertime. More couples pick the beach as venue for the wedding because of the romantic ambiance that it gives to the ceremony. One of the most important things that a couple should consider is the decorations.

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Here are some ideal wedding venues sea decorations in San Diego, CA:

  • Use tropical flowers for the decoration. These types of flowers are common during this season and they are less expensive. They can be placed on both sides of the chairs. If you find hibiscus at the local flowers they can be put on the sides of the aisle. You can also put palm fronds or banana leaves on the canopy or altar in your wedding venue.
  • If the ceremony will take place during sunset, hurricane lantern or bamboo torches are perfect to illuminate the wedding reception. Sets of torches can create aisle in the venue. However, if you want to have a more tropical ambiance, you can put the torches anywhere you want. They can also be placed in the altar.
  • Most common for wedding venues sea decoration in San Diego, CA are shells, sea grass, starfish, sand dollars, and crystals. When using such materials make sure that they are not scattered anywhere. Guests may step on them and accidentally hurt themselves.
  • For more authentic wedding beach decoration, you may use anchors, boat oars or even fish nets as wedding decorations. These materials are easy to achieve. In fact you don’t need to purchase them. You can borrow these from nearby residents along the beach where your wedding ceremony will take place or you can also ask your wedding caterer.

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