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A Groom’s Classic Guide to Diamond Wedding and Engagement Rings in Houston, Texas

Remember the 4C’s in Choosing a Diamond Ring

Congratulations for finding the woman of your dreams! Now that you’re ready to settle down, it’s time to pick the best wedding and engagement rings in Houston, Texas to give to your lady-love from your favorite wedding stores. The ring is the symbol of your devotion and love to your woman, thus, it’s ideal that you get the best pick.

wedding ringSo if you want that you don’t go blindly to the jewelry shop, here are vital information about rings that you should remember. The Gemological Institute of America issues a guideline on how to scrutinize a stunning ring which is called the 4C’s.

#1 Color

Basically, the color of the ring is graded from D to Z, with D being the most colorless of all. The color of the diamond is caused by the traces of non-carbon minerals that have stuck into the diamond’s surface. Higher color graded diamonds, which are usually yellow in color, is the most inexpensive among others. Colors should coordinate not only to the dress that will be worn by the bride but also it should incorporate the whole wedding theme including the catering service and venues.

#2 Clarity

As its name suggests, the clarity of the diamond signifies that irregularities and blemishes that are found inside the diamond. As a matter of fact, these blips are not easily seen when you examine the diamond by the naked eye.

#3 Cut

When you say cut, it means that capacity of the diamond’s facets to interact with the light which produces a sparkling brilliance. The Gemological Institute of America categorized the cut of the diamond into four categories: Poor, Fair, Very Good, and Excellent.

#4 Carat

The last C in the 4C’s is carat, which is the unit used to measure the weight of the diamond. Technically, one carat is equals to 200 milligrams, which goes without saying that the bigger the diamond, the more carats it has.

Depending on your budget, choose the best diamond wedding and engagement rings in Houston, Texas that fit your budget and most importantly your woman’s preferences, click this over here now for more rings.

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