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Highly Rated Bakeries for Wedding Cheesecakes in Houston TX

Cheesecake Bakeries in Houston

In Houston, you can find plenty of bakeries and cake shop where you can shop and order your wedding pastries, cake and sweet treats. One of the unique desserts you can serve today for your wedding, instead of the traditional vanilla or white frosted tall tiered wedding cake, is the cheesecake. You have the option of a bake and non-bake cheesecake, but it can be challenging to do the preparation by yourself. So, get online and check out the highly rated bakeries for wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX.

CheesecakeThere are a lot of cheesecake online that you can find today. One of the restaurants in Houston serving cheesecake for the catering service for weddings is Happy Fatz. It is located in White Oak Dr and opens every day, except on Monday. They can prepare and serve their savory cheesecakes for all types of weddings, as long as you give them a heads up of how many cakes you will need and for how many guests. Their menu for cheesecakes is not the usual one with New York Cheesecake flavors, because you will find the unusual one with rotating flavors. Try first the Santa Fe savory cheesecake, with garlic, cilantro, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese; this is a hit in every party. If you search online, Happy Fatz is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 32 Google Reviews. While in Yelp, it received 4.5 stars from 323 reviews.

Another store to visit before you finalize your wedding sweet treats is The Chocolate Bar. You have two stores to choose from, but this is only from one company, the first is located in University Blvd and the other is in W Alabama St. There are different flavors of cheesecakes for each store, so just try and find out what flavors would best match your taste and budget. The whole cheesecake costs $55, but it could still depend on the flavor you choose. Many customers have praised Turtle Fudge and Tuxedo Cheesecake. Since there are two stores, the ratings online are different. The branch in University Blvd. got 4.7 stars from 42 reviews in Google Reviews and 4.5 stars from 231 reviews in Yelp. In W Alabama St., the store got 4.5 stars from 120 Google Reviews and 4 stars from 274 reviews in Yelp.

It would be best to check out reviews and ratings of previous and existing customers of these bakeries of wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX before making a final decision.

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