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Highrise Wedding Photography Locations for Your Big Day in Houston TX

High Rise Locations for Your Bridal Photography

If you are thinking of getting highrise wedding photography in Houston TX, you are doing the right choice. Choosing this service means you no longer need to be out of town just to take stunning photos and offers a delicious food catering. Why spend more money when you can have it on your own backyard? Houston is boosting tall and beautiful building so you might want to consider these landmarks.

Wedding PhotographyIf you are researching for places you can have your high rise photo shoot, here are some of the famous landmarks we have compiled:

Julia Ideson Building
Not only this building is tall, it also houses highrise receptions that you could reserve for your bridal event. When you pass by in this location, you can tell that the building looks like Hogwarts. Call (713) 660-0772 or visit 500 McKinney St, Houston for more information.

JW Marriott
This four star hotel is located at 5150 Westheimer Road. Aside from being a good spot for your skyline photography, you can also make use of this location for wedding ceremony. The area is being surrounded by shopping malls and restaurant. If you are interested, you can give them a call at (713) 961-1500.

Museum of Fine Arts
If you are looking for something different as your background, this high rise building could be a good photo shoot area for your wedding event. You can find its location at 1001 Bissonnet St, Houston. For more information on how you are going to secure permit in the location, you may call at (713) 639-7300.

This once on a lifetime opportunity should be brought to the next level so getting highrise wedding photography in Houston TX is just a wise choice. Photos from this type of photographic style are really powerful and stunning. You will be surprised how the shoot has turned out through your beautiful photos.

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