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Hire a Wedding Catering in Houston, TX to Prepare Traditional Indian Food

Traditional Indian Wedding Menu

wedding cateringAre you one of the Indian couples living in Houston and planning of an authentic Indian wedding celebration? You can certainly let everyone experience your culture during your wedding celebration, not just simply from your wedding venue or decorations. When you are in the process of wedding planning, make time to search as well for Indian wedding catering in Houston, TX. There are also a number of caterers offering a taste of the traditional Indian wedding menu.

Search for two to three prospect caterers and ask for free food tasting to ensure they prepare authentic taste of Indian cuisines for your wedding. Here is a list of few foods you should consider adding to your wedding menu from the Indian catering Houston TX.

Tandoori – give your guests a taste of South Asia, especially India, with this dish. Tandoori is a marinated chicken and slowly roasted with spices, which is why it is a must serve on your wedding.


You can serve your guests with the classic lachcha parantha. It is a layered whole wheat flatbread perfect during cocktail hours. If you want to serve something with color or more festive looking bread, request to serve them with kashmiri naan. This is also a flatbread but stuffed with dry fruits and nuts. Though it is crispy, it melts in the mouth.

Main Course

Indians do serve rice for weddings and one of the popular is called onion Jeera rice, which is composed of basmati rice with cumin seeds and onion slices. To pair the rice, they will serve Rogan Josh or Malabar. Rogan Josh is a lamb cooked in clarified butter and aromatic spices, which makes this one of the signature delicacies, while Malabar is a seafood dish of prawns in spicy gravy made from coconut.


Of course, it will not be complete without the dessert. Only a few Indian wedding catering in Houston, TX offers this, but it will really make your wedding and your guests’ experience to have a taste of India’s delectable desserts; the Gulab Jamun and Kulfi. Kulfi is the equivalent of the Western’s ice cream, while Gulab Jamun is a milk-solid based dessert and soaked in sweet syrup.

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