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How to Know When Your Marriage is Really Over

An Unhappy Marriage

Most of the time we tend to believe that there is happily ever after. Though the concept is correct, but sometimes marriage can turn into a torture. Maybe you are happy during your wedding day but as soon as you undress your wedding dress the real story begin. There are a lot of people who feel unhappy in their marriage and this is true. Determining if your marriage is really over is very hard. Often, we tend to decide to escape from the pain that we feel because of the current situation. Before you decide, it is crucial that you will come yourself first. Avoid being too angry or happy when deciding because sometimes we are blinded by the feeling that we feel.

All About WeddingThe idea of “I don’t love you no more” is commonly mistaken by many people. They think that when they are angry they are no longer in love with their partner which is wrong. Maybe you are feeling this to have some pathetic excuse of being alone and do things that you love without your partner. In this case you should consider having time for yourself once in awhile. Maybe this is just what you need and not a divorce. Breathing outside the marriage is very important because it will help you to realize a lot of things. It is important to do things together but it is important as well to do things on your own.

You can tell if the marriage is over if both of you decided to have the divorce without any hesitation. In this case, you will see that both parties agree in the same thing. Meaning that they want to move on and start a new life because the relationship is no longer helping them to become a better person and hindering them from achieving their dreams. This situation is called “the point of no return.”

However, determining if you want a divorce or not is confusing; there are some things that may consider that you are not yet done with your marriage if you have drawbacks such as:

  •         Moving out and have some time to think
  •         Still doing romantic act even if both are angry
  •         Sleeping in the same bed
  •         Sharing breakfast
  •         Watching favorite series
  •         Cooking for your partner
  •         Staying at home during the weekend

There are lots of things that will tell you that your marriage is not yet over. All you need to do is to calm down, rethink and have a dinner with your partner . If you do some foolish things try to apologize.

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