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How to Make Stacked Wedding Cookies in Houston, TX?

Learning to Bake a Cookie for Your Big Day

wedding cookiesWhy not try on your own to bake some wedding cookies in Houston,TX for your incoming wedding day? This will be a fun idea if you are not too busy or you have some spare time before your wedding day. Cookie cakes Houston are fun especially that the children guests that you will be having will totally crave on it. You can definitely add up some cookie cutters on your big day. So, here are some secrets that you can follow when you want to have the most adorable cookies on your wedding day:

Flood Filling

The technique we are using here to “flood fill” the icing is super easy once you have the right icing consistency. By adding tiny amounts of water to your royal icing recipe it will slowly start to thin out. What you want is for your frosting to quickly disappear into itself when you bring the spoon up and let it fall back into the mix. It needs to easily fold back into itself because this is what you will be doing to the top of each cookie that will be served by your wedding caterer.

Filling Your Pastry Bag

There are many different pastry bags on the market, from the kind you can wash and reuse to the ones you throw out when you are done. The choice is up to you. You can use a little plastic screw cap that securely holds your decorating tip in place. If working with multiple shades of icing at the same time – you’ll need multiple bags.

Embellish Your Cookies

There are many different designs that you can make on your stacked wedding cookies with this royal icing but you can just make a bunch of dots. Why? Because they are easy, cute and can easily cover up icing mistakes! How to make stacked wedding cake sugar wedding cookies in Houston, TX? You can squeeze a tiny little bit of frosting onto each cookie and quickly pull away. At first the dots may look pointy – but within seconds they pool up and make perfect dots!

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