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List of Don’ts of Houston, TX Brides’ Family Photography

Family Photography Don’ts

Bride’s family photographyAccording to experts, a wedding is not complete without family portraits even if you have beautiful venue and delicious food from the wedding caterer. If you are planning to hire service like bride’s family photography in Houston, TX, please make sure that the hired personnel are indeed seasoned and trusted. There are so many things that can go awry in a family photography shoot.

To help you with the process, here are some of the don’ts that you should watch out for:

Don’t forget to mention the basics to the photographer

When you say basics, it means things like ISO, size of the image, exposure, metering and etc. A great shoot is not just about skills; it’s also about the camera settings. No matter how skillful the photographer is for as long as the settings of the camera are in the wrong parameters, the shots are useless.

Don’t let the subjects tilt heads against each other

You can tell whether the photographer is professional or not if he or she sees something wrong with the group or family portrait easily. Professionals are always wary about titling heads because it makes the subject look terrible. To secure the beauty of the shot, your photographer will be orienting all the members of the family regarding what’s natural and what’s not when it comes to poses.  

Do not sound de-motivating and negative

Since this is a family portrait, you expect the photographer to showcase his or her professionalism through words of encouragement. According experts, a good photographer will not say “This is not a good shot” or “This sucks”. Instead of those negative words, you expect them to say more positive things like “Great! Let’s have more shots and let’s make it more fun!”

Experts of bride’s family photography in Houston, TX will be walking you through the process. Your goal here is to have well organized and aesthetically presentable family portrait. Please make sure to do a consultation with the photographer first to iron out things, more details here

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