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Loose Diamonds for Wedding in Los Angeles, CA: Tips When Purchasing from Online Stores and Physical Stores

Buying Tips for Loose Diamonds for Wedding

There are many tips in planning for a wedding especially when it comes in looking for your suppliers for catering services, venue, dresses and most especially your wedding jewelry. When buying loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA, you have basically two primary marketplaces that you can get them from: online jewelers and physical stores. Whether you buy them from online stores or from a physical store, you should know how to be wise enough in order to make sure that you get the best deal of your money, more here

loose diamonds for wedding4Here are tips that you should take note when buying unset diamonds.

Buying from Online Jewelers

First, ask the jeweler if their wholesale diamond Los Angeles pieces come with a full report from reputable grading lab such as the AGS or the GIA. Don’t just make business with a shop that gives a report. A reliable report is your guarantee that the diamond you’re buying is real and authentic, check this out

Second, inquire how long the online jeweler has been in the business, especially in the diamond selling business. For sure you would think twice before doing any business transaction with an online shop that’s been in operation for just a couple of months.

Finally, make sure that the online shop provides a written money back guarantee and specific terms and conditions. Moreover, always read the fine prints of the contract or receipt before signing or confirming.

Buying from physical stores

When buying loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA at physical stores, first ask if the store has an inhouse and certified gemologists that can professionally address all your questions and concerns.

Second, ask if they have a microscope for you to have a view of the stones at a magnified view. Also inquire if they have any proof of the color grading that they’ve stated in their report.

Finally, check if the store has installed lighting tools that will allow you to inspect the pieces of stones more closely and more accurately.

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