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Service Coverage of a Wedding Limo Service in Los Angeles

Availability of Limo Service for Wedding

The availability of a wedding limo service in Los Angeles in terms of how many hours in standby depends on the limo service company and the wedding package they are willing to pay. The question of how many hours does a wedding limo service in Los Angeles wait until it gets off is a common question for couples availing a wedding package, great deal hereĀ

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For wedding organizers, their estimate time for a church wedding would last for about 1 hour and 45 minutes maximum. This is the grace period the limo service allots for standing by a couple who made a wedding package with the company.

The usual rate would be $90 an hour. If the couple booked a package for only $300 for example, the company provides them a promotional number of hours which is 3 hours and 30 minutes which is just enough for the bride to be sent on the church and be sent off to the wedding reception. You can also ask for extra service like food and drinks while traveling.

If the Church wedding gets delayed, the couple could pay for the extra hour or terminate the service when the time is up. The distance of the reception area does not matter since limo services are paid at an hourly rate. The rates stated above are the common rates by budget limo services.

For limo companies providing first class services, their minimum would be $110 an hour. They do not provide discounts and everything is paid at an hourly rate. The couple signs a contract with the company where in they choose between the type of service they will avail. For example, the couple only ordered for the church pick up and the sending off to the venue. They would only pay for the span of time they spent on the limo at an hourly rate. Unexpected conditions like congestion is not the company’s liability.

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