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Why Nut? Pecan Pies for Wedding Desserts, A Healthy Choice!

Healthy Benefits Of Choosing Pecan Pies For Dessert

Pecan-pie-nutsDietician and nutritionists are saying that pecans have it all. It simply means that this type of nut is really delicious and charged with healthy benefits. Picking delicious pecan pie desserts for wedding is a perfect choice because it brings not only enjoyment but array of healthy benefits to your guests.

A slice of pecan cake can create impact in your healthy system.

Here are the list of benefits you can get:

It can regulate blood pressure
Eating any food with pecan nuts is part of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension eating program. This type of program is made to lower down blood pressure. Serving pecan pie on your wedding reception is really a great chance for your guests to get a good dietary food.

It will save you from breast cancer
Eating a pecan pie will give you good amount of oleic acid which is a good element to battle breast cancer cells. This type of acid is also present in olive oil. Oleic acid will suppress the development of genes in your cells that could trigger the offshoot of breast cancer. Inform your guest about the value of your pecan pies and they will surely love it.

It will save your heart
Most wedding caterers are providing food with lots of cholesterol. In order to avoid bad cholesterol that could trigger heart problems, give them pecan pies that will neutralize the cholesterol level. Pecans have beta-sitosterol which has the ability to lower the cholesterol compound in your blood. Enjoy the wedding feast without worrying for your cholesterol level. Just eat a piece of best pies in houston and you will be protected from bad cholesterol.

Good for men who are at risks of having prostates issues
With gamma-tocophero, a form of vitamin E that has the ability to kill prostate cancer cells, men will surely compete in finishing one whole pecan pie. Delicious pecan pie desserts for wedding are not just good for your taste buds, it also helps you maintain a healthy system.

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