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Reasons to Having Crawfish Wedding Catering in Houston, TX

Why You Should Go for a Crawfish Wedding Catering?

cateringHaving the right foods at your wedding reception is crucial, and luckily, if you’re planning a wedding catering, you usually can’t go wrong by serving the local fare or exotic one. There are so many kinds of wedding menu that you can serve for your big day but, you want to get into something different, right? One of the most amazing dishes to be served is crawfish. Crawfish has many amazing dishes, as it is versatile and drips with authentic flavors. There are a small number of crawfish wedding catering services in Houston, TX that offers options on its Crawfish Mania Menu. You and your guests can enjoy a traditional crawfish boil with all the fixin’s as well as crawfish served in potato salad or slaw, crawfish Houston TX bisque, crawfish bread, crawfish ravioli, or even a crawfish enchilada. Why you should have this kind of catering in your big day? Here are some advantages to it:

It’s fun to get dirty

When you are having an informal wedding party, this is a good choice for you to have. The crawfish idea will be a yummy treat for your guests. They can dig into the yummy fillings of the crawfish and taste every different menu of it. This will be fun to eat and really great for people who loves seafood. It is not very tacky because of its deliciously cooked fillings that will take you away. So there’s no problem into having this kind of menu into your wedding reception.

It’s unique

If you’re motto is to get unique for your wedding party. The crawfish wedding catering would be a great idea that you can handle. It is totally different some the same old stuff that most couples are having on their big days plus, it is super delicious. The only downfall that this kind of reception is getting your dresses dirty, so you need larger napkins for everyone. Anyway, it will surely give a lot of happy memories because of the dirty faces that you all will be having during the eating moments.

It’s super delicious

Yep! No one can beat the most amazing dish that you can enjoy during your wedding. Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX is a genius idea that you can have. It is the master of all reception dishes that you can enjoy. Make it as one of your centerpieces! It will surely make your world upside down like no other because everyone will love it. Even if it is a little complicated to eat crawfish during the reception, it will still be fun to do so. So make sure that you add it to your wedding menu list and have so much fun eating everything up.

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