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The Right Person in Stockton, CA to Serve as Your Wedding Officiant

Types of Wedding Officiants

Wedding planning requires the full time and effort of the bride and groom-to-be. There are different things that must be searched and planned thoroughly, and missing on one aspect can greatly affect the rest of your wedding celebration. One of the most neglected parts of wedding planning is choosing the wedding officiant. Being overwhelmed to the preparations and planning, it can be easily forgotten until the last minute of the wedding.

wedding officiantYou may think it is easy to search for wedding officiants in Sacramento, CA, but that’s where you got it wrong. Indeed, there are plenty of wedding officiants around, but you may not be aware there are different types you could choose from. You need to consider the type of wedding officiant to serve on your wedding ceremony. Don’t just choose based on the price alone or through the recommendation of a friend. Do your homework by researching about these different types and find out who’s the right person to do it.

Civil Wedding Officiants – this can be easily searched by contacting or visiting your local county clerk’s office. Look for a Justice of the Peace who is skilled and experienced in performing wedding ceremonies. You may have known someone through a friend, but be sure that the Justice of Peace you are dealing with is legally certified to operate as a wedding officiant. Experience and skills aren’t enough as well to choose the person as your officiant. Talk with the person face-to-face to get a sense of his/her personality. It is necessary that you are comfortable and getting along well with your officiant. Also, when you are planning of a civil wedding in the city hall or courthouse, you just make an appointment and get married the efficient way, click for more info.

Religious Wedding Officiants – for those who want to observe the religious traditions or customs of their church, it is good to check with the church or religious house you are attending to. The priest, pastor or clergy person may be available to perform your wedding ceremony. This is a good option for those who are active church goers or attends religious service most of the time. You have gotten the chance to have a better and comfortable relationship with the pastor or rabbi. They may have already known well about your family and your partner. If you and your partner have different religious beliefs, it is best to ask first if it is allowed to marry non-members. You would probably need a different church or chapel that allows the tradition or custom you want to observe for your wedding. Try attending at least one worship service of the priest, pastor or rabbi you are considering to officiate your wedding ceremony.

Professional Wedding Officiants – searching for professional wedding officiants in Sacramento, CA if the idea of a religious wedding ceremony or civil wedding ceremony does not appeal to you. These are professionals who are making a living officiating wedding ceremonies for different kinds of weddings.

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