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Secrets Brides Have About Their Wedding Dresses in Jacksonville, FL

Problems About Wearing a Wedding Dress

The bride’s dress should look perfectly perfect during her wedding. There are gowns tailor-made, rented or purchased.


The wedding day is the most exciting part of a woman’s life. She is just as excited about walking down the aisle as the wedding dress that she’d wear. Though marriage states that two person involved in the Holy matrimony should be open and honest to each other, some brides couldn’t just be. Here are some tales of epic fails on wedding dresses in Jacksonville, FL.

It takes forever to put on a wedding gown.

Lots of wedding dresses in Jacksonville, FL have built-in corsets on the inside that need to be buttoned or tied up. It would probably take time and additional helping hands. Many would not admit that they’ve had help from others trying to put the gown on.

Altered gowns can never look the same again.

        A seamstress would tell you that everything would be just the way it is when you’ve fitted the wedding. She will ensure you that what you’ve loved about the dress will still be perfectly in tact. But guess what, altering dresses can never get the dress back from the form it has before. You will likely and obviously notice the change in accents and shape.

You can’t sit normally in a wedding dress.

Yes, those white dresses that call “wedding dresses” may look very fabulous but may also restrict you when you sit. Lots of spines and wires will tickle your ribs and sides. You may feel really uncomfortable. The bright side is, slouching makes you feel the pain even more so you have to always be in a straight back to lessen the inconvenience. You’ll still look perfect for stolen photos and other unexpected snapshots.

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