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Shortlist of Top Cake Shops of Custom Cakes for Wedding in Houston

Ideal Customized Cake on your Special Day

Custom cakes for wedding in Houston do not only taste heavenly but they are also stunning to look at. In Houston, there are plenty of cake shops that offer the finest and the best customized wedding cakes.

Here are four of the most popular custom cake shops in the city of Houston that you might want to contact to create for you impressive cake styles and designs.

Three Brothers Bakery

For more than two decades, Three Brothers Bakery has been making deliciously flavored cakes not only for weddings but in all type of events or occasions. Unique designs and a relaxed demeanor of its chefs are what makes this cake shop one of the most sought-after stores in Houston. Three Brothers Bakery’s cakes are individually baked to order making these delightful creations fresh. Moreover, this cake shop has developed more than 20 flavors and they keep on experimenting new ones.

Suzybeez Cakez N Sweetz

This cake shop is most known for their delightful cake truffles, also known as cake balls. These cake truffles are combination of cake,frosting and chocolate that can surely give you bliss in every bite. Suzybeez Cakes N Sweetz also offers custom cakes for wedding in Houstonof different flavors and assortments. Surely, these cakes will make your wedding more special.

Nat Nat Cakes

If you want a cake that will reflect your unique personality, Nat Nat Cakes specializes in creating customized wedding cakes. This cake shop takes pride in creating wedding cakes for bride and groom that they will be proud of to their guests. Nat Nat Cakes creates cake made from fresh and quality ingredients to make sure that their creations will surely be palatable.

Who Made the Cake

Cakes made by Who Made the Cake are truly artistic and delightful. There creations include fondant, butter cream or a combination of the two. In creating their fondant cakes, Who Made the Cake only uses the highest quality white chocolate fondant that is available. This is to make sure that all their cakes are rich, delicious and moist, you can also ask your caterer to get a great deal.

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