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Tactics of DJs in Houston, TX to Get the Kids Dance in A Wedding

Enticing Kids to the Wedding Dance Floor

Kids wedding dance1Family and friends of the bride and groom are typically the guests in a wedding. Immediate members of their family and best friends from school or at work are invited. Everyone is close to the bride and groom so it is not that difficult to get everyone involved and welcomed in the dinner celebration. If there are guests that are not that close to the couple and to other guests, that would probably be the youngsters.

Toddlers, preteens and teens are usually in weddings because their parents are invited even if they are not that close with the newlyweds. They can be challenging to be entertained in a wedding especially that you don’t know what they really are interested to do. While some are given part in the entourage as bearers and flower girls, the rests are getting bored and can’t wait to go home. Fortunately for those who hired DJs, they have tactics. Inviting kids wedding dance in Houston, TX is one example.

Remember that most of your guests are adults and the elderly. The songs you might have included in your wedding playlist do not entice the kids to dance. It is important to have a variety of songs played to get everyone of all age enjoy dancing.

DJs usually have secret songs prepared just in case they notice their audience is no longer enjoying the current one played. It could be a mainstream pop song from Lady Gaga or Katy Perry that the tweens and teens would surely love.

Since the dance floor will be dominated by the adults, for sure, you can request the DJ to play some songs that the toddlers can dance along to. It is probably not going to suit the type of wedding you initially planned but if you want to get everyone entertained, it will be worth it.

DJs are also great emcees. They can call out names of your guests that they would like to see at the dance floor. You can have the same thing done for the youngsters who feel out of place on your wedding.

Another interesting tactic of DJs is dancing together with the crowd. Now the little kids will be really curious on how the DJs do their job. It might be too crowded for the DJ to have the kids around him or her but it usually works to get them dancing together with everyone.

It is challenging to encourage kids wedding dance in Houston, TX. When you don’t have an area or activities prepared where they can enjoy doing whatever they want while their parents and guardians are heating the dance floor, these are good ideas.

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