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Wedding Venues in Hotels in Karnes City: Steps in Calculating Your Expected Guests

How to Calculate Number of Guests to Your Wedding

One of the most important questions that every couple must face before choosing any wedding venues in hotels in Karnes City is how many people they will be inviting for their wedding day.

Knowing the number of your guests can help you in many ways. For one, it can help you get the right size of the venue, the amount of food that you should be prepared, and the number of rooms that you might want to book for your guests who want to stay the night.

Wedding PlaceHere are steps on how to calculate the number of wedding guests for your wedding event.

First, double the number of the invitations that you sent out to have an estimate of how many guests will attend because the invitations usually represent two people.

Second, get a rough estimate of your guests by multiplying the number of guests that you invite by 32 percent. Most studies show that this is the percentage of people that will likely not attend your wedding.

Third, subtract the expected number of invitations that were declined from the total number of guests whom you invite to get the closest number of guests you can expect.

Fourth, the number that you get from this computation will most likely be the number of guests that will be attending your party. And with this number, you can start planning the amount of foods that you’ll reserve and the number of wedding favors that you want to order.

Fifth, take note that if you sent your invitation cards at least eight weeks before the wedding date, expect that more guests will attend your wedding. To get a more accurate number of guests attending, send out RSVP cards to all your guest lists. This will also determine your needs in wedding catering.

Knowing the exact number of guests that will come to your wedding can surely help you decide in most of the decisions that you’ll make in preparation for your wedding. You’ll not only know how much food you’ll have reserved but it can also help you decide which wedding venues at hotels in Karnes City you book.

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